Back to work Safely

I used to say meeting with business owners and seeing their passion for their business was why I do this. I enjoyed getting a glimpse into their industry often behind areas the public sees or warehouses where all their products are kept or made. In recent months all that has changed. Now why I do this is so that small businesses like ours can return to work, so that they can provide for their families, so they can stay open, so they can thrive, so that consumers will continue to shop local. But it isn’t just businesses we are helping, its families that rely on their jobs to feed their families, it’s the noble feeling that because of the services we offer employees are able to return safely to work. Our industry is changing, innovation is taking place and we are able to provide valuable services to combat this virus. I’ve never been more proud of our industry.

Before, During and After

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One of the points I like to drive home with our employees before, during and after our interviews is the value we can provide by taking care of our customer’s building, not just the cleaning. I’ve always felt that companies hire us to clean their buildings but more than that. They are entrusting us with one of their biggest assets. And so under our care, we report and address these issues as quickly as they happen like the one below. Continue reading “Before, During and After”

Retail Floor stripping – What to expect

  1. The floor will be machine scrubbed with floor stripper to remove the old finish on the floors. This is the part where they are also cleaned. 

  2. Stripping and waxing requires 5-6 hours for 2,000sq ft floor or smaller. It is important that floors be off limits while floor finish is being applied.

  3. Once our floor tech is finished, the floor is hard enough to walk on but any store equipment, racks should not be rolled or dragged on the floor or the floor finish will come up. Please remember floor finish takes 24 hours to properly cure. 

  4. The floors under the isles that were moved may still have a darker shade based on what was on the floors under the isles such as grease, grime, buildup, floor finish. They will be clean but not look new.

Continue reading “Retail Floor stripping – What to expect”

What I learned at Our Company Party

This weekend was our first Holiday Party. We played loteria (spanish bingo), musical chairs, karaoke and company trivia and gave out awards. We truly have the best team. It was so special to watch our team and their kids win prizes. #ExpressNavidad #HolidayParty Here’s what I learned: When it came time to play musical chairs, the prize for this was an Ozarka cooler. Continue reading “What I learned at Our Company Party”