Before, During and After

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One of the points I like to drive home with our employees before, during and after our interviews is the value we can provide by taking care of our customer’s building, not just the cleaning. I’ve always felt that companies hire us to clean their buildings but more than that. They are entrusting us with one of their biggest assets. And so under our care, we report and address these issues as quickly as they happen like the one below. 

I’m proud of how everyone stepped into action the other night. Most importantly for Idalia and the team on the front line, who reported it. As bad as it looks it would have been much worse. Alex, our night supervisor, for jumping in and extracting it until the water was cut off, and remediation crews arrived. Dan Tavernier, for leading through example by being in constant communication with the client letting them know what was happening, who was on site and what floors were affected(2) all while picking up additional equipment to head back down and perform more extraction work himself. Proud of the teamwork and what we are building here. Trust is gained, loyalty is forever.

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