Outsourcing your Janitorial Service

Often I hear companies tell me they are happy with having a hired employee working as a janitor.  Other times small businesses don’t have a budget to hire an in-house janitor so instead the office manager gets assigned this task or a few employees pitch in and do it.  This solution rarely works for many reasons.  Among the down sides, your employees ability to generate revenue suffers the most.  Disruption and distractions are both byproducts of employees pitching in to clean the office.  To paraphrase a customer, you need employees generating revenue.  The office scenario of “everyone pitch in’ could actually be costing you a fortune in lost revenue.  Company morale is also impacted and unless you have a dedicated employee tasked with the cleaning duties, the employees that take care of the cleaning may feel undervalued.

211 thoughts on “Outsourcing your Janitorial Service

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