Retail Floor stripping – What to expect

  1. The floor will be machine scrubbed with floor stripper to remove the old finish on the floors. This is the part where they are also cleaned. 

  2. Stripping and waxing requires 5-6 hours for 2,000sq ft floor or smaller. It is important that floors be off limits while floor finish is being applied.

  3. Once our floor tech is finished, the floor is hard enough to walk on but any store equipment, racks should not be rolled or dragged on the floor or the floor finish will come up. Please remember floor finish takes 24 hours to properly cure. 

  4. The floors under the isles that were moved may still have a darker shade based on what was on the floors under the isles such as grease, grime, buildup, floor finish. They will be clean but not look new.

72 thoughts on “Retail Floor stripping – What to expect

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