What I learned at Our Company Party

This weekend was our first Holiday Party. We played loteria (spanish bingo), musical chairs, karaoke and company trivia and gave out awards. We truly have the best team. It was so special to watch our team and their kids win prizes. #ExpressNavidad #HolidayParty Here’s what I learned: When it came time to play musical chairs, the prize for this was an Ozarka cooler. This is the kind that has hard type styrofoam inside and closes with a zipper. It’s a nice prize; in fact when we bought them on Black Friday my husband said, that’s a good prize I wish I could play!(I told my family we were thanking and acknowledging our employees and we couldn’t win). A few of the guys started to get up but no ladies! With some quick thinking our night supervisor, Alex decided to add an extra prize. A box of a glass Tupperware set was added in. That was the trick! Employees started joining in and soon we had nearly 15 employees playing. Sometimes it takes two prizes to coerce employees into playing musical chairs.

81 thoughts on “What I learned at Our Company Party

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